Surrogacy Matching

Just a few short weeks ago I was matched with a wonderful couple! It is such an interesting process to find a couple to carry their child for. I get asked the most about how this works. Being a previous surrogate, it was a familiar process but of course, still gets your nerves going! I will say I am lucky To have found an amazing matching agency called Same Love Surrogacy. The agency you select will be your middle contact to connect you with like minded couples, so on my end as the surrogate- it is actually pretty simple when you have a coordinator lol! My coordinator sends me a profile, I review it, then decide if they are a couple I can see myself working with. Keep in mind, surrogacy is a easily a 15-24 month commitment with the intended Parent(s) so for me I love having similar interests to make the process enjoyable.

I am very excited to start another Surrogacy and have you follow my journey!

Melissia Krisco