Why do you hire a Website Designer?

Your Time is Important

Building a site to engage and show off your talent takes a lot of time. Hiring me will give you more time to focus on family, friends, and what you love. The hours it takes to work on a website and its detail is important, having me design for you gives you that time back

Your Business Needs you

When you are designing your website who is working on your business? You did not get into business to be designing and editing a website all the time- hiring me will give you the time to focus on your WHY!

Competitive Advantage

There are many businesses that people can choose from. With my help we can really show how YOUR BUSINESS stands out over the rest! What people see in the first minute of being on your website sets the foundation if a client will hire or buy from you over others.

Photography Services

People love seeing who they are hiring and what they offer. Your services and quality need to be properly promoted, photography services capture the magic in action and truly launch your brand! All images taken by Lily Lane Design Studio are considered work for hire, so the images presented in a gallery to you are yours for future website use!



Design Services Pricing and Plans

Priemer Website Design & Content

Website design and management
One photography session per month
3x week content to social media
(3 month plan)

Starting at 1990

Deluxe Website Design

Website Design and management
One photography session
2x week content to get you started
(3 month plan)

Starting at 1390

Website Starter

Website Design
Customized to your business



How do I start the process?

First you fill out the contact form below. I contact you to schedule a consultation where we go over your business goals and what sets you apart from the rest! Once your retainer is paid we schedule your photography session(s) and I begin working on your site!

Where are you based and do you travel?

I am in Pueblo West Colorado. I do travel to different cities for design services and business photography- travel fees may apply.

When will our site be ready?

Your website will be ready in a maximum of 4 weeks (if selecting a photography package its up to 3 weeks AFTER this session). You will have access to view photos, choose your favorites, and with them being 'work for hire' you can use them on your website or social media anytime!

How do the photography plans work?

In the consult we decide a good amount of sessions based on your business goals. They are 3 hour blocks and includes travel time after the first location within 30 minutes of me. All plans can be customized or upgraded with image editing, employee headshots, and more!