Advocacy for your wishes

I realized I did not have the RIGHT support in my first few weeks of being a mother.

I carried my first child for months when the lactation nurse came to the delivery room when I was already overwhelmed with people in and out of the room, nurses poking and touching me, and still in shock from delivering weeks earlier than expected. I felt like they were pushing me and only coming in when it worked for their schedule, and not evaluating our needs to help us succeed in breastfeeding. I did not want to be touched anymore by a stranger, I needed reassurance, and my first time trying to nurse and learning about nursing, was negative. This cannot happen to another mother, I knew something had to change.

Having the right support will bring you ease and allow things to flow. The connection you wish to have with your child will be made much easier if it is not forced. I want to support you and your feeding wishes, advocating for you so you don't have to feel overwhelmed, you are less likely to struggle, and you won't be alone.

Before Delivery. After Delivery. At Home.

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