Doula Services with Melissia

You are amazing and strong! However you deliver, home, hospital, birth center, natural, c-section, or induction, you truly know your body best and what you are capable of. I believe that doulas bring the most amazing support on the most incredible day of your life, even though I know you can do it without, the more love and support on the day your child comes into the world, the better.

I do specialize in Surrogacy and IVF as a Doula, as an experienced Gestational Carrier myself, I know the ins and outs of your journey and am able to guide you comfortably.

*Doula's are not medical professionals, we provide support during pregnancy, labor, pre/post-delivery, and throughout the 4th trimester


The Deluxe Doula Package is a comprehensive offering

designed to support and enhance your entire childbirth

journey. This premium package includes a 5-week

childbirth education program, providing you with essential knowledge and preparation.

Benefit from the personalized touch of a 1 in-home

prenatal visit, where we delve into your preferences and

create a custom birth outline tailored to your unique

needs. Stay seamlessly connected with our team through

phone, text, and email support.

Indulge in a relaxing prenatal massage at Ber Lush

Massage to alleviate any tension and promote overall well-

being. For an added boost, enjoy 2 months of unlimited

yoga at Ren Yoga, providing you with a holistic approach to physical and mental preparation.

Starting at 37 weeks, our 24/7 support ensures guidance as

your due date approaches, with continuous support during

labor and birth. Post-birth, experience 1 to 2 hours of

immediate postpartum support, followed by an in-home

postpartum visit and a specialized at-home lactation visit.

As a luxurious addition to the Deluxe Doula Package, you'll receive a Bellibind session for comfort and support during the postpartum period. Additionally, take advantage of placenta encapsulation services, providing potential benefits for postpartum recovery.

The Deluxe Doula Package combines essential education,

personalized support, indulgent self-care, and holistic

wellness to ensure a truly exceptional and supported

journey into parenthood.


5-week Childbirth Education (Pueblo)

1 in-home Prenatal Visits

Custom Birth Outline

Phone, text, and email support

1 Prenatal Massage @ Ber Lush Massage (Pueblo)

2 Months Unlimited Yoga @ Ren Yoga (Pueblo)

24/7 support starting at 37 weeks

Continuous support during labor & birth

1-2 hours of immediate postpartum support

1 at-home Postpartum Visit

1 in-home Lactation Visit

Bellibind and session

Placenta Encapsulation

*Option to add additional doula for +$500

**Option to add or remove add-on services

Dual Doula Birth Package - 1900

Our Dual Birth Doula Package is an elevated

experience, similar to our Signature Birth Doula

Package. What sets it apart is the exceptional

support of not one but TWO Doulas throughout

your pregnancy, labor, birth, and early


This package is specifically crafted for moms

seeking an extra layer of support. It's perfect for

first-time moms, those opting for home births,

and individuals navigating their journey without

a partner. Our dual Doula approach ensures

comprehensive support, tailored to your unique


Both Doulas in our Deluxe Package are

committed to standing by your side, providing

unwavering support throughout your entire

birthing journey. With this comprehensive care,

we aim to maximize your comfort and

confidence, contributing to a positive and

empowering birth experience.

Discover the amplified support of our Deluxe

Birth Doula Package and embark on your

journey with confidence.


2 Doulas

5-Week Childbirth Education

1 in-home Prenatal Visit

Custom Birth Outline

Phone, text, and email support

24/7 support starting at 37 weeks

Continuous support during labor & birth

1-2 hours of immediate postpartum support

1 at-home Postpartum Visit

1 in-home Lactation Visit

Signature Birth Doula Package-1400

Embark on your pregnancy, childbirth, and early

parenthood journey with a Signature Doula Care

Package. This comprehensive offering encompasses a 5-

week childbirth education program, a personalized in-home prenatal visit, and a custom birth outline tailored to your unique preferences.

Stay connected and supported with our signature package,

which includes continuous communication through phone, text, and email. Beginning at 37 weeks, benefit from 24/7 support, providing guidance as your due date approaches.

Experience unwavering support during labor and birth, with our team providing continuous assistance. Post-birth, enjoy 1 to 2 hours of immediate postpartum support, focusing on breastfeeding assistance and fostering a strong bond with your newborn.

The package extends beyond childbirth with an in-home

postpartum visit, offering thorough physical and emotional check-ins, guidance on newborn care, and breastfeeding support. Additionally, a specialized at-home lactation visit is designed to enhance and support your breastfeeding journey.

The Signature Doula Care Package is a holistic and tailored approach to navigating the intricacies of pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenthood, ensuring you receive expert care at every step.


5-Week Childbirth Education

1 in-home Prenatal Visit

Custom Birth Outline

Phone, text, and email support

24/7 support starting at 37 weeks

Continuous support during labor & birth

1-2 hours of immediate postpartum support

1 in-home Postpartum Visit

1 in-home Lactation Visit


I firmly believe that the postpartum period is best navigated with supportive care. Our certified professional doula care is committed to providing comprehensive educational, physical, and emotional support during this significant time. Please be advised that additional charges may apply for travel.

Daytime Support:

Includes emotional and physical support, light housekeeping, cooking, newborn care education, feeding support, and education. Initial Visit: $45 per hour (shift 2 hr/min) Subsequent Visits: $35 per hour (shift 4 hr/min)

Nighttime Support:

Includes overnight infant care to facilitate rest for parents, feeding assistance, establishing positive sleep habits, and light household help. Initial Visit: $45 per hour (shift 2hr/min) Subsequent Visits: $38 per hour (shift 4 hr/min)

Our goal is to ensure you receive the personalized support you need throughout your postpartum journey. If anyone encounters challenges with the pricing, flexibility is a fundamental aspect of our service. We acknowledge that individual circumstances vary, and we are open to accommodating different needs. Payment plans and other arrangements can be discussed to ensure that everyone can access the care they require within our service framework. Our commitment is to provide supportive and flexible options to meet the unique needs of each individual during their postpartum journey.


1 Prenatal Appointment in Your Home

Daytime/Nighttime Support Available

New Parent/Newborn Care

Breastfeeding Support

*Please note that a travel fee may apply.

*The initial payment and signed contract is required to reserve your delivery window. Doula packages are paid half upon reserving your delivery window and the balance is due at the final pre-natal visit. The Doula fees are non-negotiable and non-refundable once reserved.

If I am outside of your search area, fully booked, or not in your investment range, please still reach out! I have wonderful relationships with some amazing Doulas throughout Colorado. If you are interested in finding a Colorado Doula, I can help you find matches in your area. I am partnered with Southern Colorado Doula Collective to bring you specialized services to support your pregnancy, birth, lactation and postpartum experience, as well as know many other amazing doulas, midwives, lactation specialists, and death doulas, who are uniquely amazing!