Professional Newborn Photographers

Are you currently in search of a professional photographer who specializes in capturing newborns in their earliest stage of life? If so, You’re in the perfect place! I am a Professional Newborn Photographer and Doula. You may have come across this blog even if I am out of service area, budget, or style, however I still want to help you understand different options when finding the perfect fit for your family photographer! 

Finding the right photographer to capture those precious moments of your newborn's earliest days is a crucial decision. It takes a special touch and expert skill to immortalize those fleeting moments. A professional newborn photographer can help you create timeless memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. There may not be recognized certifications for this niche class of photography, but you can tell by someone’s work and presentation if they are experienced, you just have to know what to look for. 

When selecting a newborn photographer, consider someone who not only has the technical expertise, but also a genuine love for working with babies. Look for a photographer who can create a safe, comfortable, and soothing environment for your little one during the photoshoot. This is exactly why I transitioned my ‘Studio’ to be mobile; I know that babies, children, and parents are comfortable in their own homes! If there is an older sibling, this has been a life-changing factor to successful photo sessions. Considering not having a studio space has also opened the door for more families to utilize my services since the stress of leaving the home is no longer a factor. 

Moreover, a skilled newborn photographer will have a keen eye for detail, capturing the tiny fingers, the delicate features, and the sweet expressions of your baby with precision and artistry. That said, babies do run on their own schedules. A patient photographer makes all the difference and one that does not push a newborn (or sibling) past their breaking point, or who is willing to come back to a specific pose and try even 15 minutes later will make it much less stressful on the parent and child. They will know how to use natural light and/or studio lighting, props, and poses to create stunning images that reflect the purity and beauty of your newborn.

Remember, not every photographer is experienced in working with newborns, be sure to find the one that understands safe newborn posing and lifestyle sessions with a newborn. These early moments are fleeting, so investing in a professional newborn photographer is a wonderful way to preserve this special time in your family's journey. Choose wisely, and you will have timeless photographs that will bring joy and warmth to your heart for years to come.


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